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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friday, a day to celebrate

Friday Is going to be a day to celebrate. I will explain that on Friday though :D

Tomorrow Harvey is going to put a bid in at a house. Oh this house is perfect. It is a cute little house on 5 acres of land. It needs a little work but not much, it's all stuff that Harvey can do in a couple days. So I am pretty excited, the Master bedroom is huge with it's own bathroom and a huge window overlooking our 5 acres. I have plans, although these plans will take time, I have many plans. This is a house that I see us raising Kadyn in. I see our dog running around and just loving the 5 acres of land. I really hope we get this house. I really do. While we wait for an answer we will continue to search for another house. Although there was a house that I fell in love with, there was too much work to be done, and it was hard labor, not just putting in a toliet, or a water heater or furnace, it was water damage in the ceiling and walls that needed to be fixed, but that house was perfect, but you win some you lose some and I think the next house we went to see was a total winner. I loved that house so much. So we are going to offer a lot lower than what they are asking as there is a lot of things that the house needs in order for it to be livable. I am pretty excited. I just want out of the Detroit area, it really is not a good area to raise our child(ren) in. Let's hope we get this house. We are both really excited for it, but just incase we are looking for others. I think we will get it though. :D


charmine. said...

All the best!

Kate said...

Your litle boy is beautiful. You seem like a wonderful mommmy and he is blessed to have such a loving mother. I saw some of the videos from youtube and I am amazed at his progress. He is a miracle!