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Monday, April 4, 2011


So, I took Kadyn to the ER on Friday to see if his ears are infected. I never mentioned anything about his shunt, and I never thought it was his shunt, but the ER Dr decided to do the shunt work up anyways. So we did that, and like I thought, everything came out fine, so she decided to do blood work. Oh, what caused all of this? A fever that lasted for a week. So neurosurgery came in and cleared his shunt as still working great. Then the blood work came back as there is an infection in his body, so they wanted to keep him over night until his blood cultures came back. I decided to refuse to stay over night. Kadyn was happy, active, and acting normal. Plus since we had been there he had not had a fever. To me staying there meant coming home with something else like a cold or the flu, so I declined staying there and took Kadyn home. He had not had fever since and has been acting normally, and actually has had more energy and is a lot better.

Since Kadyn was so perked up, I left Kadyn with my sister, explained to her everything and off the Cleveland we went. It was fun, not much to do in Cleveland, other than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Science Center. Rather boring, but it was a nice vacation. Our hotel room was nice, had a king size bed and a sleeper sofa, it was pretty big. Minus the fact that we were by the hospitality room so it was totally noisy as can be with whatever conference they were having at 10pm. Kinda upset me, but what can ya do other than complain and get 1/2 off the first night. The ride around Independence Ohio was fun, full of huge hills and nice houses, and parks. Some hills where so high that my ears popped on the way down. It was funny. Our hotel room was on top of a hill too.

Kadyn today is doing great, he has no fever and is so happy. I think if we would of stayed in the hospital he would of gotten a cold or a flu. Hopefully we hear something on our house today or tomorrow :D I really want it!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a nice vacation away from everything. Even though I know you missed Kadyn, sometimes you just need to be alone with the one you love. Good luck on getting the house - you deserve it.

Jan Hartwig
Madison, WI