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Monday, March 7, 2011

Kadyn and Seizures

I'm starting to think that lack of sleep and too much sleep triggers Kadyn to have these smaller seizures. This morning Kadyn woke up at 3am. He fell back asleep I want to say around 7am, around 10am he woke up and had 2 seizures, I went to grab my camera to get them caught on video to show his neurologist but by the time I started recording he was done. So that was a huge fail. Since those two seizure's Kadyn has been fine. Acting himself and being happy and loud. Although he is happy, he is kind of whiney today. I am hoping it's nothing and that we can at least not have anymore until after daddy is home, which the day is suppose to be Wednesday that he comes home. I hope so. I miss him so much. I talked to him yesterday for a little bit and hopefully I will talk to him tonight. I wish he had his phone, but it was broken, which I could of told him that his phone would not survive because it was hardly working when he was home. So I think today since when they are done with thier stuff, they are allowed to go off base and go to the stores and what not, he is going to go get himself a new phone. So we will see, he has been borrowing his buddies phone, so thankfully he still has that to communicate with us when he comes home.

March 18th we have a support group meeting. I am so excited becuase this one Harvey will be able to attend if he shall chose too, which I am going to really talk him into it, because I really want him to be there! It will be nice, no one has ever really met Harvey and it will be nice for him to know all those who are affected and hear the stories and what not! So we will see if he will go.

April 1st-3rd, Harvey and I will be taking a trip to Cleveland. He has not told me why or anything yet, but he arranged for my sister to babysit and us to go to Cleveland. Whats in Cleveland? I have never been there before but we will see.

Well, I heard from SSI office the other day. They needed the updated information about Kadyn's recent hospital visits. So now i wait for them to get Kadyn's paper work that I filled out and sent back Friday. All this waiting and all this I am going through now I did not go through last time, but hay, whatever I have to do to know my sons future is safe. That's all I want this for. Kadyn needs this for his future. So, I'll fight for it. Hopefully I get some kind of letter or something this week. I am just glad that I finally heard something. Instead of just waiting and waiting for this stuff. Now I am going to go to the DHS office and sign up for medical insurance for myself. I have been having horrid heartburn, no matter what I eat or drink I have been getting it. My mom suggested I probably have acid reflux. No fun! Well, I am hopefully going to get that sometime next week and get that checked out. I haven't had any issues today at all, but I have really been sticking to water, and non acid based foods and not spicey foods. Goodbye Taco bell! (haha) Just weird how all the sudden I just get it. If Tums didn't feel like chewing on chalk I would take that, but I don't like the texture of Tums, although I should tough it out to feel better, especially since Harvey is coming home. If it's not one thing it's another, but it's ok. Nothing is going to stop me from welcoming my hero home. Well, Kadyn would be the only one to stop me, but I don't think he will. He is going to be there to welcome his daddy home too!

The weather is starting to look up, mid 40's is good. Oh minus the fact that for the last 4 days we have had a river flood warning, but thankfully that Rouge River here in Michigan decided not to overflow to much. The Flooding point is at 10.0 and it went to 10.6. So some roads were floaded, not too bad. I almost thought about buying a swim suit and some floaties for everyone haha!

My next post I'll have some pictures of Kadyn and a video of him. :D. Who doesn't like videos of Kadyn! :D


Kristen said...

I love videos of Kadyn.

I pray the seizures stay away. And a safe homecoming for Harvey.

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for your heartburn. Try some zantak or its walmart equivilent (same thing really). I have something similar and since the doctor put me on it, it has done wonders. And it requires no perscription.