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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lost and Found

Yesterday I went to the store and I bought two tubs to put things in, fabric softener and detergant, a new mouse for my laptop, and a new memory card for my camera. Oh the memory card. The 10 dollar item that was my number 1 priority to buy that day. Well, some how I had lost my memory card that I had. I thought I had left it in my laptop, which I do a lot for some reason, but when i saw it was not there or in my camera, i checked the couch, and the counter tops and dresser tops. Well, I decided I'd never find it, so I went and bought one. Of course yesterday I moved my bed to put my sheets back on and what to I find, my memory card. If I would have never bought that memory card, I would of never of found my original one. Is that the way it always goes? I guess I save both of them incase I take a lot of pictures and need both of them. Kadyn is currently sleeping. With the pressure in the air being very high today, Kadyn's been sleeping a lot. I have come accustomed to waking up at 4am and watching the news so I know what the pressure is in the air and what the weather is going to be life. Today the pressure was as high as it gets in Michigan. So then I knew, Kadyn was going to have a bad day. So it's been Tylenol for him all day.

So now we continue our wait for Harvey.