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Friday, April 22, 2011

New Car

When Harvey was overseas he saved up money for us to get a house. Well, because his brother got into a car accident with Harvey's blazer and we NEED two vehicles since Harvey is back to work and I don't like being left at home without a vehicle with Kadyn. So Harvey took money out of our house fund to pay cash for a car. Thankfully we found a good car on a car lot (used of course) and got a good deal. Harvey gets military discount plus he has bought vehicles from this place before, so they dropped the price of the car and they took 500 off the warranty. So we got a good deal and this car is nice. It gets great gas mileage and in the end, we are going to be saving money on gas and that is good. Where we are hoping to move to it will be a 30 min ride to work for him, so this will save us a lot of money on gas.

Kadyn's feeling a lot better he is still on his antibiotic but he is feeling so much better thankfully!
Me on the other hand, seems to get worse everyday. I finally gave in and decided I needed to go to the doctor so Monday I go in and get checked out. I dislike going to the doctor. I dislike being sick, but I can't seem to shake this junk.