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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still we wait, hospital

We are still admitted. Kadyn will get more blood work either tomorrow or the next day. Today has been a horrible day for Kadyn. He has done nothing but move his head back and forth all day long and laid there. He has no spoken one word, or made a loud noise at all like he normally does. He has only drank 10 ounces if that today and threw up once. He has only peed three times and Kadyn is on IV fluids but not peeing a lot. He isn't sleeping at all. He is laying in bed like he is spaced out and just not feeling good at all. His heart rate is all over the place and his O2 stats are resting between 92 and 96. He has never been this down before ever. I mean literally he looks like he is confused and out of place. His turns his head from side to side like he is uncomfortable, and once in a great while you'll get a huge cry for 2 seconds from him and then it's back to this. I am starting to think it's his shunt more and more, but I could and I am hopefully wrong, although in a way I don't because it's an answer. Being stuck in this hospital is horrible. I can hardly sleep because the sounds of beeps and children and babies crying is something to keep me awake. Especially with Kadyn being this sick my eye is always on his monitor, watching his heart rate and O2, looking at him and making sure he is ok. I try to talk to him, hold him and comfort him but that just seems to upset him. I have tried music, singing to him myself, just talking to him, and even whispering in his ear or raspberries and all I get is him not wanting it. I don't get it, yesterday he was all talkative and happy go lucky and today he is miserable.

I had finally got him to sleep and not even two seconds later he jumps, takes a deep breath and is awake tossing his head back and forth. The hospital was as quiet as can be when this happened. He looks so tired and so miserable. Well he just now fell asleep so off to try and sleep myself until the doctors wake me up to ask questions.


Gretchen said...

I'm so sorry Sara, we are praying for you and Kadyn. Just reading about it makes us miserable and we hope they find an answer that can be solved quickly so that you and he can go home!