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Sunday, May 1, 2011

For every Goliath, there is a stone.

My little man, such a trooper, such a fighter. He is feeling better today. Still a little out of it, but he is actually talking a little bit more today. Neurosurgery decided that it's best to not touch his shunt until all possibilities of another infection in his body is ruled out, which of course with the sinus infection they won't touch him because Kadyn has got a shunt infection from a tap. So here we are. Kadyn has to stay the night again so he can be seen by an ENT. The pediatrician wants him to be checked out and they also want the ENT to go over Kadyn's recent CT scans to see what they say. He also has inflammation behind his ears that can only be seen on a CT scan. Other than that the plan is when Kadyn goes home that he be on the same antibiotic (Augmentin) for 3 weeks instead of the 12 days. The reason for the low white blood cell count, they believe is his condition on top of the infection and possibly virus he has. At least my boy is smiling now and is happy. He is still doing the head thrashing thing, but they believe it is from pain. They are going to do some pain management on him and go from there. Neurosurgery said unless he goes downhill they won't touch him, while he is here, and if he gets worse while he is at home bring him back into clinic. Sounds good to me. Dr Ham is amazing and he speaks so softly and is very up front about things. It's amazing to have such a good Neurosurgeon taking care of Kadyn. Retirement is not in his future. I demand it.