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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Day

Well, another day like any other cept hotter. Kadyn and I are stuck in the house because he over heats to quickly. Alexa just left. Had a good day with her :D. I took her with me when I left the room, and this made things a lot easier. I think she was a lot happier too. So, this makes me happy. It's just was something I never dealt with ever before. The amazing thing is, she is getting so much better with her crawling, and she no longer plays with the fire place. Although it is not a real fireplace, in the winter you can use it as a heater and we do that sometimes and I don't want her burning her fingers on it. So I am glad she has learned to not touch that. She is also up to two jars at a single feeding! She is such a little piggy! :D I wish she would teach Kadyn to eat, but he just doesn't want to, no matter how hard I try, he prefers his bottle.

Today Alexa and I worked with her pulling to stand with the couch and slowly lowering herself down. She was doing really good with it. She fell a few times, she cried, but I held her and said she was ok, and she would stop crying and try again. SO I think she pretty much as that down pact.

We just found out that the house we are trying to close on needs anew septic system. :(. Harvey seems to be okay with it, but I'm not. This should of been something that the sellers knew and it should of been made clear to us (the buyers). So, they offered to pay towards the fixing of this problem. We were suppose to close today, but we got a two week extension. I am not liking this at all. It's frustrating. Oh the best part, the septic's in the front yard! BOOOOO!

Oh well, Maybe Ill just plant some flowers when they cover the hole up that they dig in our yard! :D


Wendy said...

I hope you had a home inspection done. People will not disclose all the things that are wrong with the property and they may not even know of everything. And all those repairs can be very pricey. our furnace broke within 2 months of us moving in. The gas fireplace would not work and broken window mechanism was not caught on our home inspection. Also new regulations for the gas line when I wanted a new water heater because you could not have a bath and wash dishes or do laundry at the same time as the water heater would not hold enough water. Now I can run the dishwasher , do laundry and have a bath and not worry about running out of water. But I had to have them run a new line out the front of the house instead of ripping out the basement ceiling. We replaced 2 windows and that cost $8,000 just for the 2 windows. Wish you all the luck in your house and hope you do not have any more surprises.