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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fishing at the Park.

We had a good day fishing in the park on Monday. It's what Harvey wanted to do and since it was Memorial Day, he was in charge...for once (haha). So I caught two small fish and he caught none. It was nice because we were by a bunch of geese and ducks along with their babies. It was awfully cute watching the baby ducklings bath in a puddle along side their mom and dad. Fun fact, Ducks mate for life! Isn't that just the cutest!

While we were fishing there were people kayaking down the river. That was interesting to watch. There was someone there learning and he, well, he fell out, but on a hot day like Monday it had to of felt nice. (positive thinking haha)

Kadyn spent his time not staying on his blanket. He loved rolling in the grass and dirt. He was so dirty by the time we were done, but I figured if he had a good time that is all that matters. He rolled around, propped his feet up on the cooler and pretty much just chilled. He was happy.

It was an over all nice day. The weather had cooled off enough to make if comfortable for all of us. The sun was shining, the wind was a little breezy and we enjoyed out time. Even if I failed on our family pictures lol! :D