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Friday, May 6, 2011

Babysitting, harder than I thought

I took on babysitting not thinking about how as she gets older, it will get a bit harder. It really has! Kadyn is a very independent soul, doesn't need to be held, doesn't like it I should say, prefers to roll around and play by himself or drink his bottle. Mostly his day consists of eating! (haha) Alexa now 8 months old wants to be held, played with, and wants your full attention the whole time. This I can't provide for her as Kadyn would like/needs some attention also. With Alexa, nap time is often a choir. She doesn't like to fall asleep in anything but her car seat while she is here, I guess it's a comfort thing, or something and when it comes to nap time, she fights her sleep terribly. I give her a bottle before her nap and put her in her seat and she will close her eyes, but the minute I walk out of the room she is crying. I try to comfort her but there comes a point where Kadyn is crying to because he threw his bottle out of reach, or something is in his way or whatever, and I have to let Alexa cry until she realizes that she needs to nap. I put the tv on for her to as a distraction but that seems to have failed. Since she turned 7 months and started being more mobile, I am constantly telling her NO don't touch the fireplace, No don't grab cords, and NO don't pull the table cover off. She is also army crawling towards Kadyn and smacking him in the face, which Kadyn will smack or kick back. Are you kidding me? They are already fighting!! (haha) She will also try and steal his bottle which is a NO NO! That is my biggest issue, she can't drink what Kadyn is drinking, especially since Kadyn's antibiotic is in his bottle. Every time I pick her up to go towards her toys she just goes back to Kadyn. The worst part of all, is Harvey works midnights. So he needs our room (which is Me, him and Kadyn in one room) to get some sleep, and well, Kadyn can't go in his crib when he wants to because Daddy needs to sleep, and well, if anyone knows Kadyn, they know he is loud and always babbling. Which would be fine, if Daddy didn't have to work all night long. So Kadyn usually will take his naps on the living room floor, and I think he has pretty much gotten used to the fact that he can't go in the crib when he wants. Which is sad because when he wanted in his crib, that was more or less a little peaceful time for me to relax and unwind until Alexa woke back up.

I do love watching Alexa, but dang I feel like I am a mom to 2 because 5 days a week from 4am-230 or sometimes even 4pm I have her. I have watched her grow and watched her meet milestones. It's nice to see how taking care of a child without special needs is. It also gives me the baby blues and makes me want another. Although I don't think I could handle 3! Now that Kadyn's condition has pretty much leveled out and the seizures are under control and well it's a lot easier now, I'd like another one. Of course this is after we move into our house. We are set to close May 31st!

Well Kadyn is getting cranky for his bed, and Alexa is napping, so I am going to try and gather some blankets to make him a comfy spot on the floor. I think he wants to nap. :D