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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Detroit Hydrocephalus Walk

It's coming quick, and we are excited. The walk happens to fall on Kadyn's birthday too this year. I am asking instead of gifts for donations. If anyone would like to donate to an amazing cause you can click on the link provided in the right hand side. You don't have to walk to join or donate. I am hoping to make Kadyn's birthday wish to come true. To raise money to try and fight this condition and find a better way of life for those affected by Hydrocephalus. It's been my goal to spread awareness since I found out about this condition. I am going to try and call news stations and email them to get Kadyn's story out there. I have many other plans to get those to donate!!!! I am hoping and trying and fighting to get to our goal this year. It's been a rough year for Kadyn, although it hasn't been shunt related, this winter.

I am pretty excited about this and I hope to get more donations. They would be greatly appreciated. 100% of all donations go towards research for a better way of life for those affected by hydrocephalus. There have been no improvements in over 50 years, there is no cure, only brain surgery to insert a shunt, which may fail at anytime causing more brain surgeries.

Kadyn has had too many to remember, possibly over 20? I really lost count. Kadyn has been fighting this condition his whole life and there is no way out. My hopes is one day Kadyn can live shunt free, and that is where we need your help! By donating even a dollar can help more than you will ever think!

We greatly appreciate this and please wish us good luck! :D