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Friday, May 20, 2011

Daddy Therapy :D

Kadyn's Daddy likes to make Kadyn stand, and sit and do physical things to keep his muscles going. Since Therapy proved to be too much stimulation for him he had to stop going because he was having seizures. So Harvey has been working with him. I have a hard time controlling Kadyn now. He is just too strong. All these pictures are cellphone pictures. So the quality is a little bad, but I didn't feel like running into my room to get my other camera. By then Kadyn would be angry and there would be no pictures.

Kadyn is smiling, this was during the day before daddy time.
This was Kadyn fighting Harvey, He really didn't want to do it :D
He got better with it, Harvey was trying to get him to sit up, Kadyn kept scooting down lol
Harvey wanted him to stand up, Kadyn kepts moving his legs but eventually stood for a minute.
This is our niece (Harvey's brother daughter) She kinda looks like Kadyn to me :D. Her name is Payton Ann. I had her last week on Saturday. She Was pretty good, other than crying a lil bit before and wanting to be held, bounced and walked. Took me a minute because I am not used to that at all :D.

Still waiting to hear about the house. Can we move yet????


Anonymous said...

Dear Sara,

I often visit the Reece's Rainbow adoption agency website (, they help US and Canadian families adopt special needs children from Eastern Europe. Now there is a little boy with severe hydrocephalus (his link:, please consider posting about him, your blog reaches out to so many people, perhaps he will find his loving family through little Kadyn's blog. Nathaniel (it is not his real name) needs treatment so badly, but he does not receive it at the orphanage. He also has a relatively large grant for his adoption.

Thank you,

God bless,