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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reeces Rainbow

I will often check out the site This site has grown on me. Since I have had Kadyn, I have felt this pull to adopt a special needs child who would otherwise be over looked because of their medical conditions. I never really thought about blogging about my passion as the thought seems so far stretched. The funds to be able to do this just aren't there. Plus technically being a single mother, it's even harder to do so. The power of adoption just seems so amazing, and rewarding. I haven't ever talked to this with Harvey either.

I received a comment the other day, and it was about this beautiful boy who has hydrocephalus who desperately needs a family so he can get the shunt surgery he needs. I haven't been on the site in awhile, and never seen him before, but boy oh boy did he steal my heart. I don't know if anyone looking to adopt a special needs child reads my blog, but I must recommend little Nathaniel. He is just so cute, and could really use the benefit of having a family and a shunt. He has a nice grant too going for him also. He is truly an angel and a fighter. To go almost a year with this condition, and knowing he is suffering breaks my heart. He makes me look at my little Kadyn and realize how good we have it here! If the funds were available and we were married and settled in our own home now I'd so pursue saving this little boy. I know many people read Kadyn's blog and I ask that we reach out via any kind of social media to find this loving boy a home, tell a friend you know is looking to adopt, or family member. This little boy would highly benefit from a shunt.

There are also many other children on this website in need of a home. Their fate is not so good if they are not adopted. They go to institutions where they are bed ridden for the rest of their lives. I've unfortunately seen footage of some institutions and it is horrible. I nearly cried and held my son thankful for having him here with me.

So please pass this around, help little Nathaniel find a loving family, and also many of the other children who need families too.


LCarvalho said...

just askin, y dont u post more photos of Kaddyn??hes amazinly cute!!
prays to Kadyn and Nathtaniel from brazil!!

My Blog said...

I heard today that little Nathaniel found a family! Soo amazing!