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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A day at the Park

Today was an amazing day to head to the park and go for a walk. Kadyn, Harvey, Korona, Nicole, Alexa, and Wyatt (Nicole's oldest son) all went up to the park and went to the playground so Wyatt could play. Korona was so good, she was running around with kids and they were chasing her and she was a lot of fun. Even the parents thankfully didn't mind their kids playing with Korona. Wyatt had the most fun. He attached onto Harvey quickly. Wyatt wanted to try and walk Korona and since she had been tired from running for an hour we decided as long as Harvey helped he could walk her. He did a great job, or shall I say Korona did a great job. Eventually the two ended up holding hands while walking Korona. It was too cute. I only had my cell phone to get a picture though. I totally forgot my camera. Go figure. Kadyn was happily sitting up in his stroller looking at the scene. This is the first time he really enjoyed looking around the park and sitting up. Normally he doesn't want to sit up. It was nice. I am hoping tomorrow I can take the kids for a walk around my house while Harvey sleeps after work. :D