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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another day

What a lovely day today is. It's 78 and not humid here in Michigan which is odd, but very welcoming. Kadyn is napping but he only has about 15 more minutes to nap and then we have to go to our WIC appointment and then come home and go to the park. I am suppose to cook Taco's but I will most likely do that after the park when it's cooler outside. Hopefully my Wic appointment does not take long at all. I really am not in the mood to do it. They make me fill out paper work about his eating habits when they know he is on a special diet. Like they ask how often does he get juice...never.....water....never.....milk, cheese, eggs...never. Does he sit down and eat with the, he eats when he wants to, but gotta do it in order for him to get his Ketocal. Which thankfully that is all we are doing.

Tomorrow is another day of babysitting and then Friday is here :D YAY! FRIDAY!