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Monday, May 2, 2011

Im frustrated So frustrated :(

This whole time of taking Kadyn in and out of the hospital for mysterious fevers, unknown pain, punching of the head and nose area had nothing to do with his shunt at all like I'd thought. Why did fluid in his ears be undiagnosed for over a year? Why? Now it's all infected and now Kadyn needs tubes because the fluid is trapped. I am pretty upset, but finally here soon my son will have some relief. Not to mention this could be the reasons for him not wanting to lift his head anymore! It may not feel so good. It's weird because Kadyn's only had like 3 ear infections his whole life, well 3 confirmed ones. Now he has this ear infection due to the fluid in his ears becoming infected.

So today I called the ENT and left a message. Got no call back. ENT doctor in the hospital said that we need to be seen with in 1-2 weeks, and to called Monday morning. Well I did, and nothing. Left Kadyn's name, birthday and his diagnosis along with the message that I was told we were consulted in the hospital and was told we have to have an appointment within 1-2 weeks. So, hopefully tomorrow they call me back, if not I'll be blowing their phone up all day tomorrow. Ahh, a determined mom. I can't get Kadyn's teeth fixed until all this other stuff is done. Go figure.


Teri said...

my son had tubes put in when he was one an it was amazing the results cause he didnt talk or anything when he got those in he started talking an everything so kadyn is gonna do so much better with them in place an its not really that bad of a surgery just i was nervous with him being to sleep but he did wonderful will keep you all in our thoughts an prayers an watch for pdates