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Monday, May 23, 2011

What a day!

Kadyn had a super rough day. I have a picture of why his day was so rough. If he wasn't sleeping he was crying, or whining. Poor guy.

We had 3-4 storms roll through. Every hour for awhile my phone was going off with text messages from the National Weather Service saying we have a Sever Thunderstorm Warning.

So he slept, or cried. Tylenol didn't see to help with his pain. Poor baby. I wish I could make him better

The other day I had put Kadyn in his old car seat. Just for giggles really. Alexa used Kadyn's old car seat. I let her mom use it because the car seat she had before, well lets just say, it needed to be toss to the curb. I loved Kadyn's car seat, but by the time Harvey and I want another one, it'll be expired and we will have to buy a new one. So I put Kadyn in it and he smiled big! Such a sweet boy! :D


LCarvalho said...

GOSH this lil guy is amazinly CUTE!!(where can i get one of those??)wish i could help u guys, but being 13(sadly terribly underage) and living in brazil i dont think i can do much. thats sad.but if u do think i can do something, plz contact me: !!