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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Growth Spurt?

I truly think Kadyn is going through a growth spurt. He has been awfully sleepy lately. He is sleeping the same amount of times per day but his naps seem longer. Maybe it's just because he is older, I am unsure. I don't believe it is his shunt as when he is awake he is a happy camper. I don't mind him sleeping a little longer than normal. It gives me time to relax or do things. Napping seems to be one thing I try to do while Kadyn is sleeping. I have a hard time sleeping at night anymore. Even though Kadyn is no longer having seizures, (praise God!) I still am up and down at night making sure he is breathing and that he is no seizing and what not. It's sometime I have always done and I think I will continue to do. I can't help it. A malfunction can occur at any time, so I am constantly checking to make sure he is breathing fine and what not. I used to sleep easier when he was on the monitor but no Kadyn is too big to be on the leads. He turns too much in the middle of night and the fear of strangling himself on them was more alarming then anything else, so we gave the monitor back. Many of the things we have used for Kadyn when he had seizures we have given back. He does not have them at random anymore, just when he has a fever. I am thankful for this and I believe taking him off all his medication is what he needed more than the diet. I have a feeling that if I would of just listened to my guy a long time ago and took the medications away from Kadyn he wouldn't of ever needed this diet. I believe the medications where causing his seizures. I don't think his body could handle them at all. I honestly don't think Kadyn ever had a seizure to begin with.

Well onto today. We didn't do much of anything today really. Kadyn woke up later than normal. Trust me, no complaints there. haha! We went out into the living room and he rolled around and kicked things. Then I needed to go to the store, so I put him back in his bed to play for a little bit while his daddy was laying down too. So I headed to the store, and came right back. Took Kadyn to sit up in his high chair to watch some cartoons. I tried feeding him, epic fail there. Then back to the floor to roll around more and kick stuff. Then he acted tired so it was nap time and we both was a late nap. We didn't wake up until 7pm. Tisk Tisk us. So, I pretty much got nothing done. I just wasn't in the mood but to do anything but have a lazy day. I believe I am allowed one, especially when Kadyn allows it. He has been having a lazy few days. Which could be a good thing because while he naps I can go get some shopping done without having to take him with me because he can nap with his daddy. I don't mind taking Kadyn, but because he is still in a stroller, it's easier to get groceries without Kadyn. Pushing him and pulling a cart is not fun, and the comments get rather annoying. I have learned to ignore comments, but I like to shop in peace sometimes. So while Kadyn is taking long naps, I am going to take full advantage of it.

I'll have pictures a video soon :D


Anonymous said...

i have 3 kids myself ages 4 2 and 1 and it is sooo much easier to go to the store with out them. if kadyn wants to sleep awesome u are so allowed to have a lazy day.. and u can have them whenever he lets u. he knows how hard u work and what a great mom you are. :) and he most likely growing. at his age they grow so much faster.ur awesome. have a great day. roxanne stebbing.