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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sleeping Kadyn.

So Kadyn likes to sleep many different ways. How they are comfortable I may never know. Although it is rather adorable! Kadyn was just kicking his daddy and then feel asleep. Hand on diaper, feet inward, just so peaceful!

 In the car, on our way hom from the park. One leg propped on his head. It just makes you wonder how in the world he does this sitting up. Oh well. Love this little guy!
The other day we decided to go eat at Red Robin. Kadyn normally is not so good with staying in his stroller, not to mention the confused looks we get when we bring in the stroller. Until Kadyn gets a wheel chair that fits him, the stroller will be with him everywhere. :D
Kadyn normally is not one to touch and explore anything, but Harvey thought lets see what he does when he touches cold. Kadyn actually was curious about it. The cold, and sweaty glass was something he enjoyed touching.
At first he wasn't sure. I was surprised he even attempted to touch it at all. He touches things differently then most also. He lightly claps his hands on anything, or he will press it into his chest. Once he figured it out, it was all smiles from there.

The lighting in Red Robin is not good, but the food is amazing. I will suggest the Whiskey River bbq burger with beef or chicken. It is amazing! The french fries there and the freckled lemonade. All this talk is making me want one! :).

Kadyn keeps healing. His mouth is looking good. I have been trying to get an appointment all week with the dentist, he is actually suppose to be seen today, but lines have been busy and or no answer. I will try again on Monday. Perhaps I'll have better luck! :D


Anonymous said...

i saw ur video on fb, which lead me to watch the rest of them on utube. im so glad to wake up in the morning and get my coffee and read ur blogs on ur beautiful healing baby boy. i thank u for the daily updates on how amazing kadyn is and how bleesed you guys are. my prayers are with u guys. i wish i could do more for ya'll... but right now all i can do is pray.god bless. roxanne stebbing.

Laura said...

Somehow I came across your videos on you tube, and from there I found your blog. Imagine my surprise when I realize you live like 10 minutes away from me! I live in Wyandotte and have a 7 year old and a two year old. If you ever want some company, we love going to the park :) My e-mail is