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Monday, July 18, 2011

Here is an up close version of Kadyn's stainless steal teeth. Ok so It's kind of blurry, but you try and keep your 4 year old still :D

It's amazing how well Kadyn has healed. He healed faster than I ever thought he would. I was so scared he wouldn't eat but he ate right after surgery. He always amazes me! So now we get ready for Kadyn's birthday party. I know his birthday was July 2nd but his party is going to be the 31st. I was so worried about Kadyn healing that I pushed his birthday off till the end of the month. Army is the theme. We all know who wanted that. Kadyn's daddy said if Kadyn couldn't have dinosaurs AGAIN then it would have to be army. I am good with army. Kadyn is my little solider!

I think when Kadyn lays like this it is just so sweet. He seems to lay like this a lot. Excuse the milky smile, He had just got done eating and I hadn't cleaned his teeth yet. Kadyn likes to hoard his formula in his mouth sometimes It's quite strange, but he does it and normally he won't swallow it, but let it run down his cheek or he will spit it out, or how about when he does raspberries and it sprays everywhere. Gotta love it! :)

Nothing like smiles!!! Kadyn loves being on my bed. He thinks it's the coolest thing. He won't ever sleep in my bed. Once in awhile he will, but most the time he thinks it's a play area for him. Kicking and thrashing around, putting my blanket over his head, bouncing up and down and having a good time. Not to mention now when I get the camera out he reaches out for it. Is it me or is Kadyn looking more like his daddy?

I sure think so. I think Kadyn is a good mix of both of us. He is awfully noisy today too. He is in a whiney mood. He is like this every morning. He is not a morning person just like his mommy. I am an awful morning person. I dislike waking up when I don't have too, or if I don't wake up on my own, I am cranky for a little bit.

Last night Kadyn was smiling in his sleep. It was so lovely. Oh my look at all that green. I just noticed that! The green fuzzy thing is a turtle pillow pet. Our friends Ashely and Zayvier got Kadyn that for his birthday. He loves it! He also has a monkey one that my mom got for him. It is being washed. Oh dear not to mention his pink Scout toys. Wow, did i blend Kadyn in with his bed with his green shirt!

It's been so hot here lately that Kadyn has just been wearing a onesie outside in the car or stores. With Kadyn's heart condition, the hotter it is, the less he should wear because he gets so hot and sweaty easily. So a lightweight onesie is what he wears. Speaking of onesies, he really needs more than the 6 pack I got. I love a good reason to go get him more things. : D

Today we are off to look at more houses. I am excited!


Merryn said...

I have a feeling his bottle may have caused him to need this. Milk pooling in the mouth causes tooth decay, severe in most cases....

Sara said...

Merryn, Actually you are wrong. Kadyn was on many medications at one point, and his decay began there. Yes his bottle probably didn't help the situation, but doctors even said that his teeth going bad is most likely from being on 5 medications at once, on top of that, some of his teeth did not come in all the way also, which caused those to rot. I had the same thing as a child.