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Friday, July 8, 2011

Heafty Tooth Faerie Bill!

Wow, what a day Kadyn had. So here is the final review of Kadyn's surgery. They on extracted 4 teeth. Not only did they extract these teeth, they put them in a cup and gave them to me. (EW) I don't think the tooth faerie will take these teeth. She would put her nose up in disgust. Those teeth they said never came in all the way, which caused the horrible decay. His top front teeth are stainless steel bridges, and pretty much the rest of his teeth except the bottom are the bridges. The bottom teeth were not bad and they were able to fill in the tiny cavities with a white filling. Kadyn seems to not be in a lot of pain, but I am giving him Tylenol anyways. Kadyn also got tubes in his ears. They also did a hearing test. I will explain the results of them after the pictures.

Kadyn waiting to go back to OR

He was so happy, it made me not want to make him be in any pain. :(

ALthough he was starving, he still managed to smile. See those front teeth, ya they are silver now. Boo
Right after surgery, I was surprised he could eat!

His mouth is soo swollen :(.
Well, they did the hearing test and came and got me and took me to consultation room 1. Oh boy. I braced myself. It's funny because I know he can hear, it's just you get nervous. Well Kadyn has minor hearing loss. She said it's really no big deal, but it's something they will have to monitor in order to make sure it doesn't get worse. She said that 2 hearing tests a year and a school for children with hearing loss would be recommended. She also said that he is really only not hearing low, bass sounds, but anything higher pitched he hears ok. She was actually surprised with all that he has been through that he only has minor hearing loss. She said that the tubes may help bring back some of his hearing, but it's only a matter of time. So until then, she is going to get the ball rolling, so to speak, for us to go to Project Find and go to a school around here for the "hard of hearing". She said that he wouldn't benefit from a school of sign language more than hard of hearing. She said since he can hear it would be best to work with that and work with getting him to talk more. She said all the other specialists would be there too, OT, PT, ST ect. So this ill be good. She also said, that Kadyn would benefit more from an all day program. Come on people!!! (I know it's best for him) I even said to them I am willing to do anything to benefit Kadyn even more. I would burn and bridges, I would run the earth for him, so whatever needs to be done, lets do this!

So now my reaction when I first saw Kadyn. I walked down the longest hall ever, a nurse was standing at his door with a huge smile. Before I saw him she stopped me, and braced me for what I may see. Of course, me thinking oh it's ok, I can do this. She began to tell me how Kadyn took his iv out, then looked at his id bracelet for a minute, then put his toe to his mouth and then just relaxed. She said they left the IV out because he didn't need it anymore. I walk in the room, and tears fall. My babies face was so big. So, what do I do? I make a joke and say well, your swollen cheeks make you look like your daddy. Sigh. I just have to make myself laugh in order to remain strong so Kadyn heals better.

I am just glad that this is all done and over with.


Lee said...

My 9yo has a mild to moderate hearing loss (diagnosed @ 23 months) in addition to epilepsy and global delays. A program for hearing and a good pair of hearing aids can really open up a kid's world. After getting used 2 the hearing aids (which usually takes ~2 weeks), he will start looking around to discover what the new sound are. It is pretty amazing to watch.

1st hearing aid tip: If a little one detests the hearing aids, put them in when he/she is still asleep.

Good luck and hope he recovers quickly!