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Monday, July 11, 2011

Here is some news.

So the house that I loved and had dreams of, is not going to happen. I actaully am not that hurt over it, because it just means that we were not ment to live there. The sellers are not willing to keep their promise in paying half of the septic system repair so we have decided to back out. We have also decided to stick closer and buy a house without the land but a big backyard. We are looking again, we sent our realtor some houses that we would like to look at and hopefully something pops out at us. If not we will continue our search. I have high hopes that we will get into a house soon. Living with my parents is getting rather stressful and three people crammed into one room, its even more stressful.

Now onto Kadyn. He has been doing good. I'll have  a picture of him with his new "teeth" here soon. It's been difficult, tylenol and motrin around the clock and his ear drops for his tubes. He is doing great though. No issues, slight fever which is expected but other than that everything is amazing. I have to call tomorrow and schedule his follow up appointment and I also need to call and schedule an appointment with his heart doctor and also his eye doctor and Ent, and Neuorsurgery. Oh boy. I am just shaking my head with all of this. So, tomorrow it is on the phone with all these people. The good thing is it is all in the same place and hopefully I can get some appointments the same day.

He is doing amazing. He is such a trooper. Hopefully this is his last surgery for a long time.