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Friday, July 8, 2011

Kadyn is out of surgery

My precious angel is out of surgery. He did great, they only took out 4 teeth and the rest were bridges or something. I have not seen him yet as I am waiting for him to wake up. I am hoping to see him soon. I miss him so much. It's only been 3 and a half hours. She said he did very good though and that everything went super well. I have some before pictures and will take some after pictures. Although I am not looking forward to my son having a silver mouth, its whats best for him. She also told me since he can not swallow fluoride but his teeth needs it to try and us ACT mouthwash and just rub it on his teeth with a cotton swab. Ugh, He goes back in a week to get his mouth rechecked then every 6 months.

He also got tubes in his ears. Which I guess that went well, no one came out to talk to me but it was just a silly tube surgery. I also ran into Kadyn's neurosurgeon and on of the RN's. It was nice knowing that they were not coming to talk to me. As Dr. Ham told me, Kadyn was just getting a little tune up, that this surgery was just a walk in the park. Brandon just likes to talk and ask how Kadyn is. They are kinda buddies.

So now I sit in a congested waiting room because they other waiting room is too small to fit Kadyn's stroller in. It's quiet annoying because the other one you are allowed to have food and drinks and it's quieter. Not that I am hungry or anything, but I just am uncomfortable being in a room full of strangers. Not to mention Like I am here alone. I ended up sending Kadyn's Daddy home so he wouldn't fall asleep on the way home. He was so tired from working all day and then all night last night.

Well, hopefully I get to see my lil man soon.


Mary.W said...

So glad to hear that Kadyn did well. My prayers are with Kadyn and you. Waitting has to be hard.
Just thought I would let you know that I look forward to your blogs,

I share with my 12 year old nephew, John that has Hydrocephalus how Kaydn is doing. I think Kaydn has helped my nephew see all the things he should be greatful for. He is really small for his age (size 7/8), wears glasses, has hearing aids and has a retainer that makes him a target for being teased in school but he can now see how blessed he is. He prays for Kadyn that he will walk and be able to eat table food just like him. Wow sorry I rambled..