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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Many events

We have many events this past week but first thing is first. Kadyn's hospital stay!!

It all started 5 days before I took him in. Kadyn was running a fever with no signs of any kind of virus or infection. He also was sleeping a lot. Like sleeping through the night and a couple hours later taking 6-7 hour naps. Which is totally not Kadyn. So after hopes Kadyn would get better he didn't and I took him in. The immediately admitted us for the fever and Neurosurgery. Thankfully Neurosurgery felt it wasn't his shut and it could just be a virus that was making him sleepy. The pediatrics team decided to keep us until the tests results were in for any kind of infection. They also put him on an antibiotic just incase. Thankfully everything came back negative and Friday we were able to go home.

Now Friday was an amazing day for us! We got to meet Ashley and Zayvier. Zayvier also has hydrocephalus and it was so amazing to be able to meet! Pretty much a very good start to my weekend!

Zayvier and Kadyn!

We also went to the WALK. Detroit's Hydrocephalus Walk. It was amazing. So many families, and people! I loved it. It was nice to have Ashley here to enjoy it too. Although it was super hot! UGH! Prolly too hot for it, but we did it! I was happy. Pictures to come, as I didn't take any myself since my camera isn't very nice anymore. Maybe one day I'll get a new one!


Kristen said...

I always say crappy pictures is better than no pictures. In years to come, reviewing the photos will have so much more value to them than you can quite feel in the present moment. Snap away girl! Your pictures are looking better than you realize. These you took of Kadyn in the hospital are adorable and great!

Happy 4th of July! A big thank you to Harvey and you for keeping our country a wonderful place to live.

Stay cool!

LCarvalho said...

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Regina Baker said...

my friend sent me the first video after your son was born. What an amazing mom you are and I love that you started and have kept a blog its a huge encouragement to all moms and non moms out there. I thank God for you. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your life. Kadyn is beautiful