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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wyandotte Art Fair

There is a couple art fairs that happen by my house every year. First is the Trenton Mid Summer Festival and next would be the Wyandotte Street Fair. I already went to Trenton which I like to take my doggy and walk her up and down. It's amazing the comments I get on her, and everyone asking what kind of mix she is. It warms my heart knowing that people admire my doggy whom I thought was quite ugly when we rescued her. (hehe) I know so wrong, but she was looking at me crossed eyed and I felt sorry for her. :D Now I think she is the best dog ever! Anyways

The best part of these fairs. The fresh squeezed lemonade. It's really the only reason why I go. I can't get enough of that yummy goodness! Not to mention the wonderful reason to walk up and down in the middle of a busy street, that is of course closed off. The best part of going during the day is there usually is no one there because everyone is at work! So I am waiting for the energy to get ready to go. It'll be here soon.

Kadyn is still healing beautifully. Although brushing his teeth isn't beautiful. I use the softest brush ever and but because it irritates where they did work, it bleeds and I feel bad. Although the dentists insists that it does not hurt him. His ears haven't done anything that they said may happen. That is a good thing, and not to mention, Kadyn thinks the ear drops are hilarious. Four drops in each ear twice a day. He cracks up while the drops going into his ears, and then as soon as I stop holding his head to the side, he digs his thumb in his ear and laughs even more. He is a silly boy! 

The house hunting continues. We are waiting to hear back when we can look at a couple houses. There is one house that Harvey and I like and it is actually on an Island here in Michigan. Grosse Ile is the name of it. It's actually a place where many people who are wealthier than most live. It's full of huge expensive houses. It does have a couple small houses that are still more expensive then living off it, but sometimes you can get a good deal on a house that may need a little work. I would love to live on the island, as I could walk and have a view of the Detroit River. There really is not anything on that island besides a couple schools and a gas station and a liquor store I think. The rest you have to drive off the island to get anywhere. Which is fine with me! So we will see, there are like 5 houses that we want to look at and hopefully we find something that jumps out at us. If not then we continue our search, There are new houses going on the market everyday and foreclosures that happen everyday.