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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catching up much?

So it seems like I haven't updated since Kadyn's first day of school. With Thanksgiving and everything else I have been oh so busy.Let me start by pictures from Kadyn's first day. Although I didn't take pictures while in the classroom. Shame on me I know. I did take pictures of before school Kadyn didn't do much his first day. So there really wasn't much to take pictures of.

Kadyn getting ready for his IEP before his first day of school.

Bath Time before our first day!

We were up early at 4am, over excited?

He fell back to sleep about an hour before we had to be up to get ready. 

So he was not a happy camper but WE got dressed and made it out the door in time

He was awake on the way to school

The sign in the parking lot

I park and he is back to sleep! haha
It was so funny that he had fallen asleep, but once in the class room he was wide awake. He enjoyed himself.

Thanksgiving was good, although It was just Me, my mom, my sister and her family and Kadyn. Harvey had to sleep because he had to work that night. We did have Thanksgiving dinner at Harvey's moms which was...ehh, stressful. I guess the In law Side can be that way a bit. It didn't help that some people were in horrid moods, but we made the best of it and left and came back to my house.

No one was at my house yet so I put Kadyn in his bed to play, knowing he would be out of it most the night due to company, I had hoped that the time spent in his bed would calm him and keep him cool enough to spend time with the family. Sometimes Kadyn cries for his bed. Thankfully this night he didn't ALthough I am a little upset I didn't get a picture with Kadyn's Thanksgiving shirt on, but Once it's washed I'll put it on him just for a photo shoot :D.

Lets start of with decorating:

You can see the top of the turkey tail int he window, I should of gotten a pic from the outside 
Bucket of pumpkins :D

Yes a turkey and a snowman. :D

Squash and Pumpkin and a Scarecrow and Comet's basket of toys

A scarecrow flower pot :D

two scarecrows 

Turkey in the jungle?

Apples and pumpkins

Turkey and pumpkins

Dinner table place mats

Center peice

And the xmas tree before the decor
I likes the decor for Thanksgiving, Although I am not big on decorating for the fall my mom is, so I helped her. She also wanted the tree up so basically we can get that step up and out of the way. Since she as an older version of the "fake" trees it is kinda time consuming to put it together. Worth it in the end though.


Madison petting Cougar

Dylan being silly!

She kept trying to get away from Madison

Dylan sharing with Kadyn


Best friends!

After everyone left this is what I watched on TV

My little pumpkin
Everything ended up being great. Kadyn is suppose to take the bus to school tomorrow but I have not heard a thing from the bus system. I am under the impression that I will be transporting Kadyn tomorrow. Did I mention school starts at 8:30 for him, it's 12am and he is still awake. Not to mention I have to be up at 4:45am to let Alexa in. (The toddler I babysit) I also have to have Kadyn up and ready by 6am, just incase the bus does decide to come. Did I also mention, Kadyn needs a new wheel chair. So I will be letting the PT know at his school that I don't think the chair Kadyn has is safe for him since his range of motion with his head is all over and this chair doesn't support that. It will work for transportation purposes now, but I am hoping I can get them to agree on maybe using his stroller for transportation instead of his wheel chair. I will talk to the staff.