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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kadyn's first day of School

There will be another post since I left my camera in my car and I am not walking out in the rain to get it. Lame I know but there is always tomorrow. I also want to ask the Teacher if she can take some pictures for me for Kadyn's blog. I would really like to show you guys around his class room a bit.

Let me paint a bit of a picture of what it is like there. Amazing!

The way the teachers talk to the students just amazing me! They talk to them as though they are normal school children. Which is exactly what I was looking for. It's amazing how well they handle these children! Kadyn is truly lucky to be able to be where he is at.

This is what I witnessed today:

Circle Time: The teacher sings a good morning song and then sings about who is at school but saying and spelling the name while singing it. It was amazing. The children responded so well and just loved it! It was amazing.

It was time for Kadyn to go home right before circle time ended so I didn't get to see the rest.

The whole day was amazing. Tomorrow I don't get to stay at all. It's sad but it is whats suppose to happen. He was good and since I won't be leaving the area until he is done with school since it's only 2 hours long, If anything happens I'll be right there. Monday now, he will take the bus. :( How sad


LCarvalho said...

Hi Sara, Hi Kadyn!
Just wondering, have you ever watched this video ( ? Look who's there at 0:23!!

Sara said...

LCarvalho :D

I did see that. That was from out Hydro walk. It was the first Walk that Kadyn was healthy enough for!! :D Thank you for noticing us! If you look up a video called Imagine no Hydrocephalus on Youtube ( Kadyn is at 154 as a baby in NICU :D