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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting close to School time

It's almost time for Kadyn to be in school. IM so scared for this time to come. I guess it's the whole letting go part for a day. It really isn't my cup of tea, but it's what is best for him. Knowing how unhappy he will be with them working with him and helping him really scares me and worries me. I think my biggest worry is the bus. I wish he didn't have to take the bus but I know it's whats best. He is going to a school in another city. The school is like 15 minutes away from my house. That is a hard part too. I am hoping to beable to go to school with him the first day or two, in order to scope things out and see how I like it. I am also worried about sending Kadyn off to school and him just sit in his wheel chair the whole time. I know I know, maybe I am an over worrier but Kadyn is not used to that and it would break my heart if that is what happened. All of Kadyn's scores, scored him in the 0-5month level. Kadyn is severely delayed and it breaks my heart hearing it. I knew he was far behind for his age, I know he should be doing a lot more than he is, but it never bothered me until It was in my face, down on paper being spoken to me. My heart hurts from it, but I am hoping the schooling may get him a little farther along. I need to re adjust his wheel chair and fit him in it again.

Tomorrow is the eye doctor. Let's hope that is all good news! Then Dec 5th is MRI.


Sue Z said...

I am an occupational therapist and I work in the school system, but for 4 years I worked in a school for children with special disabilities, probably much like Kaden will be attending. He will NOT be in a wheelchair all day ... and if he is you need to demand another placement. They should be repositioning him all day. He should be placed in a stander and maybe a side layer and should also have his own adaptive chair for the classroom, with a tray to eat at and do his work at. You should pop in from time to time, unannounced to make sure that all of these things are happening. But in my experience, everyone at these types of schools are very committed to the children. If you have any concerns that you want to talk about, please write to me.