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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It seems lately and maybe it's just me that our hydro family has lost many this year. It seems these past few months my news feed as been filled up with those who we have lost. Boy does this scare me. Thinking how full of life those children/people were and then all of the sudden they are gone. I pray for the families everyday, for those who have lost to this terrible condition and for those who are still fighting through it. It's a struggle everyday for these people/children and when it's so close to home it hits my heart like a dagger.

I pray for these families and will continue to.

Kadyn had his ophthalmology appointment and also an appointment to see his dietitian. Kadyn's eyes are still very much dilated but he seems to think it's funny. He was very good with letting the doctor look in his eyes. He said for the amount of pressure and damage to Kadyn's brain his eye sight is excellent. He said Kadyn has a little bit of far farsightedness  which I do too, but it does not require glasses.  He said other than that, Kadyn is healthy when it comes to his eyes.

Then it was off to the Neurology clinic to meet with the dietitian. Kadyn has gain 1 1/2 pounds in less than a month. She said it was a little more then she expected but it's great news! It's amazing news!!!!  :D


Anonymous said...

"Children/people?" Children are people.