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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

School today!

Well, today is Kadyn's 1st day of school! How exciting, scary and awesome is that? I am going to take him to school today and tomorrow and then he is off until Monday. He will then take the bus on Monday. I am unsure as to when the bus will be here as they still have to call  me. I will be taking pictures of course! I will post those later.

Yesterday Kadyn had his IEP. He is to have another one to finish it in 30 days. He is getting Speech Therapy, PT and OT while in school and plus the teacher is going to work with him in playgroups and what not. It will be interesting to see how he does. Kadyn has always done things, but on his terms. I expect a few rough days, but once he is familiarized with the change I think things will go smoothly. Since his school is 20 minutes from my home, just because it's all side roads and what not to get there I am going to hang around the area today and tomorrow while Kadyn is in school. Today I drop him off at 830, prolly leave about 9 930, and he has to be picked up by 1030, so it would be best to just hang around. There is a Kmart and Meijer plus a Tim Hortons and Mcdonlads that I can hang out at. Nothing like an unhealthy Mcdonalds breakfast. Just will be kinda lame to eat alone. Although I used to work at this Mcdonalds but I am pretty sure since that was 6 years ago that I worked there that nobody that I know works there anymore. Then again you never know.

I am so excited for Thanksgiving. Although this Thanksgiving is going to be odd. Kadyn will be with his daddys family and I'll be with mine. The reasons are as follows:

This time last year Harvey was deployed, so he didn't get to spend any holidays with his family as I did.

My family hasn't had a Thanksgiving since before Kadyn was even born. (4 years)

Harvey's family doesn't see Kadyn as much as mine does.

Harvey wanted to take Kadyn and who am I to say No :D

Christmas Eve dinner will be spent with Harveys family since last year it was mostly spent with my family. Fair is fair, and since Harvey and I are a family with Kadyn now switching families every other year instead of rushing to go to both is only fair. At least in my eyes, I am having a hard time getting Harvey to see this as he is all about please his grandma, and bless her heart, but she is a little difficult to please when it's either her way or no way. I blame her age? lol

Kadyn is awake, at 6am. He is playing and having a good time in his pack and play. Kadyn ended up falling asleep in. Around 730am I'll have to start getting things ready for school, including him and me. How exciting! So nervous. I have a pit in my stomach. He will love it. Right?


Kristen said...

I had that same pit in my stomach when Cayman started school. I understand what you are feeling. It was on a Friday I took Cayman to school and I was glad to have the weekend to recover before she returned. *wink* But soon I learned she was alright. And having some relief time from always looking out for her needs was good for me too.

I hope this will be a positive experience for both you and Kadyn.