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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Let me clear something up in my last post, when I wrote people/children, it was suppose to be adults/children. Sorry lack of sleep is catching up to me I guess. Go figure.

I went to Kadyn's school and toured it today. It seems like the perfect place for Kadyn. I had this warm family feeling and the fact that these people have been doing this for along time makes it better. I saw the children in the classroom, some where in their chairs listening to a story while others were either receiving therapy or napping. It was nice to see the children not in their chairs the whole day and that they spend most of their time playing. They also cater to the children's needs and there is not a set time for EVERY single thing. They are very flexible. Like Kadyn's eating habits, they know he doesn't have a set Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. He eats on demand whenever he likes to. Which they are willing to give him his bottle whenever he wants or needs it. That makes me happy. Since we are dealing with weight issues, which most the children at the school are at the school this makes me happy.

I bought Kadyn a backpack with his name on it. It's a dinosaur of course!!

It's this backpack but with Kadyn's name under the dinosaur. It's perfect for Kadyn. I can put diapers and wipes in it, plus an extra change of clothes and his food and bottles. Plus his diastat in case he has a seizure.  I love it!

The last couple weeks I have watched on a Saturday my niece and nephew. I don't get to see these two too often so any chance that I can babysit them I am all for it! They get really excited when I come over. Madison and Dylan are so funny!
The last time I watched them Dylan noticed that Kadyn had the same Pajamas as him. So Dylan had to wear the same ones! 

You can tell they love each other! Kadyn loves listening to them play and talk and run around. It's never a dull moment with them! 

Daddy and Kadyn :D


Kristen said...

How long will his school day be?

Cayman's is just 2 1/2 hours.

And it is such a nice feeling seeing how the school is run, in a smooth, flexible manner.

Lee said...

This is funny. We live in IL and my 7yo has the same dinosaur PJs as Kadyn & your nephew. It his favorite PJs!

Sara said...

@ Kristen. Kadyn will be in school at first for 4 hours and then he will go full day so he gets all the therapies that they have to offer. Which that would be 7 hours. It's hard but since he is severely multiply delayed they think getting all 3 therapies in one day instead of one or two, would be more helpful. He will also be taking the bus!