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Thursday, December 1, 2011

He was trying to sit?

Kadyn's teacher called me today. She wanted to know some information about Kadyn's formula. I sent about a couple week supply to her so they would have it. While on the phone she said that Kadyn was trying to push himself in the sitting position. She said he was rolling all over with the children and was in a really good mood. This mad me happy yet sad, because I am missing it. Since starting school Kadyn seems happier. He loves getting in his chair because he thinks he is going to ride the school bus. The bus driver even said that he is the quietest child on the bus. I thought, wait, my KADYN? Quiet? That doesn't even happen when he sleeps because he snores super loud!! (haha)

I am thinking after the his Christmas vacation that he will start going full day so he can progress even more. I mean if he has progressed this much since starting school, I think he is ready for full day. It's me who isn't and it would be selfish of me to not do it for my sake. It's rather exciting but what am I to do with myself with all that time? Kadyn would be on the bus by 6:30am and wouldn't be home until 3-3:30pm. He is the last child on the bus when they get to my house. Actually I think he is the only child who does 1/2 days who rides the bus. I noticed the other parents pick their children up when they had 1/2 day.

And the best part of last night!!