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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A post about a lot

So my slide show was an epic fail. That just means you have to wait until I get the pictures and I scan them. I get them the 21st or the 22nd I can't remember.

Lets see where to start.

How about Our home. I posted pictures on FB, but I want to show everyone on my blog around my home. We don't have any furniture as we are not allowed to move anything in until final inspection. We had some plugs/electrical we had to fix, gas line and valves. Just silly little things. The inspector will be back on Dec 22nd, and we should be moved in after Christmas sometime. I am hoping we can start moving on the 23rd and try to get all moved in, in one day. This weekend I am gong to primer and paint Kadyns room, well just the bottom wall.

Anyways, Here is a tour :D

Our kitchen

dining area


living area


our room


Kadyns room

going downstairs


bar area


laundry room

furnace room

I love this house. I will update with more pictures once we get everything in. Kadyns red paint will be green to match his bedding he is getting for xmas :D How exciting!

Kadyn's School

Kadyn came home with all these things. I can truly say I am super proud. I never thought I'd have anything with Kadyn's handprints and now I do!! I want to know how they did it. How amazing. I shed a few tears :D

My house cleaner

I was explaining to her that she can't be swinging mop sticks everywhere. 

Oh she is cute :D

This would be the little munchkin I babysit. SHe has taught me a lot.... and here is one example...

Never leave Spaghetti O's on the tray when you go get your son off the bus


Kristen said...

Hahaha, you ended with the perfect picture! It had me laughing!