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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chairi Malformation

Kadyn is set to have surgery on March 29th to have his Chairi decompression surgery. 

Don't now what Chairi is? Look it up here. Kadyn will be in the hospital for 3-5 days. With about 2-4 weeks off school pending on how his healing goes. Kadyn's Neurosurgeon said, although Kadyn is not showing any symptoms of the Chairi bothering him, he believes it is holding him back from being able to do any physical things. Perhaps it's what is causing him to have such a struggle with balance when he sits up. So he said instead of waiting, lets just fix it now, get it done and over with and keep Kadyn on the right path of learning new things. He is stronger now and is improving everyday. I am so amazed.

I'm super nervous for this surgery. Although it's just another notch in his belt of surgeries. I just wish I could be having it instead of him. This surgery is going to be a rougher recovery then a shunt surgery. I am hoping though Kadyn heals quickly and is back to himself. Although this will set him back a little I am sure he will bounce forward just as quickly. 

Things have been good here though. Nothing really new to report. I am working again, and this surgery coming up will prove how well they are as flexible as they say. Tomorrow after Kadyn goes to school I am going to go up to my work and see if Adam (manager) is going to be there, to give him the paper work for Kadyn's surgery. I only took a week off which should be enough time, since I work midnight and will be home with Kadyn all day, Harvey will be with him all night while I work. It will work out great. 


Ms_Moriarty said...

Good luck and all the best for your wee angel!

Maria said...

Will be praying for Kadyn tomorrow. Keep us updated. Kisses for little Kadyn.