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Monday, March 12, 2012

Another MRI

So Kadyn's Neurosurgeon wants another MRI. I guess before this surgery he wants his Spine to be checked. We are looking for Syrinx and or a Tethered Cord. If he were to have the tethered cord, he would need surgery on that first before the Chairi. If he has a Syrinx, the Chairi Decompression surgery would hopefully clear that up. So His NSG (Neurosurgeon) is trying to get us in before his already scheduled surgery. The thing I love the most about Kadyn's Neurosurgeon is that he called me himself. He didn't ask one of his NP's or one of the desk ladies to call me, HE DID IT. He admitted he messed up and that he should of ordered this first hand. Thankfully he is an honest man! I really love his neurosurgeon. Really he is amazing. The best part, is Kadyn does not have a programmable shunt, so we don't have to worry about his shunt doing anything during the MRI.

Kadyn seems to be feeling better. This Medicine I have been giving him really seems to be working. Although it knocks him out, which I think is a good thing, so then he can sleep it off.