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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cold Yuck!

Kadyn got called home from school today. He was having a bloody nose and highly congested. He has a cold. :( Poor guy. When we got home I gave him Tylenol then unfortunately had to take him out to Walmart (which thankfully is like right around the block) to get him some cold meds. While there, I picked up some Boogie Wipes and some Johnson and Johnson Vapor bubble bath. 

I looked up Reviews on the Similasan Cold and Mucus Relief for Kids. Not only is it all natural but it is sugar free, and I did no read a bad review on it at all. The perks of now being the owner of an android phone is, well they have apps for everything. I know Boogie wipes I stand by them to keep the kids noses well moisturized and not get red and sore from constant booger wiping. Also Vapor bubble bath, although I never tried on Kadyn even seem like a good idea to put possibly in a bowl and set on the heater. Although I will be sure to bath him in it too. But back to the Cold Med. This med is also for children 2 and up, the spoon in it, is kinda cool. Gives exact dosage the Kadyn would need from ages 2-12 then the bigger side is 12 and up. Also it tastes great. Yes I taste everything before I give it to Kadyn. It is working for him too! The downfall, you have to give it every 4 hours, but hay for something all natural and sugar free, I'll take it. Yup this stuff is Keto friendly. So if your child is on the Ketogenic diet, or even on a sugar free diet this stuff works amazing! Not to mention, the box is super cute.

It sucks that Kadyn is sick now, but we have enough time to shake this before his surgery. I am hoping we will. I really can't complain because this is his first cold all winter long. He has not had as much as a runny nose all winter! Which is amazing! So He will be kept home from school for a few days and possibly go back either Thursday or possibly just wait it out until Monday.

Either way. I just want him better.


Ms_Moriarty said...

i hope he'll get well soon!