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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day to day :D

Today was very uneventful, yet stressful. Since Finding out that Kadyn needs an MRI, before he has his surgery, things have really thrown me over the edge. I received a phone call from the MRI department today and I just became livid. Although this MRI is considered stat, they can not get him in until the 19th. So tomorrow I have to call NSG office to see if we can not get this done before his surgery. I don't even care if we have to be admitted for something to get this done before hand. I will do it. I seriously have everything arranged for this surgery. EVERYTHING and they are going to take that all away from me now! I will not have it! So hopefully I can call NSG and see if they can help out here. I am sure they will.

Kadyn seems to be feeling a lot better. I really think his issue is more so sinus related then cold. Although I have been giving him an Cold/Mucus medication to help him out a little. Seems to be doing the trick. He has no fever or any other symptom so tomorrow I am hoping he can return to school. He also had another nose bleed today. Which is very odd for him, but I am hoping it's just from the irritation from his sinus'. If not I'll be calling his ENT to check it out of course. I wonder if Nose bleeding could be a "sign" of shunt malfunction. Although I have never seen or heard of it.
Shunts are pretty finicky! Although April 1st will be the 2 year birthday of this shunt! Since going from the programmable shunt to a fixed, things seem to be better for him. I am super glad to almost be at the 2 year mark. Kadyn is developing amazingly well for all he has been through. I have no pictures for this post. I need to put more on my camera....One day :D