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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Two more weeks

Two more weeks and Kadyn will have his Chairi Decompression surgery. I can't believe it is almost here already. Thankfully though, I'll be happy to get it done and over with. I am hoping the surgery will give him better balance, and perhaps have his master the sitting up position. Although I am sure that this new milestone will have to be re learned slowly as his incision heals. With this surgery my heart is pulling both ways, go ahead and do it because the possibilities are endless when is comes to his development after the surgery, and they seem more real, Yet a part of me is saying NO, don't do it yet, infection, possible shunt malfunction, after his shunt has already been working for almost 2 years. The recovery and how hard it is going to be. Yet that comes with almost every surgery right? Why did the doctors have to give me time to sit and soak this all in. Why couldn't they just do it within a week, but the surgeon has his own schedule to follow, and that we will follow.

Kadyn has been doing super good. He eats yogurt now like it is going out of style. Hopefully after the surgery we can start more foods. I don't want to push too much.

Life is good. Surgery will come and go and it will bring us into a new day. So I'll just look forward to the possibilities being endless no matter what!