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Friday, March 30, 2012

Surgery Canceled

As many know, Kadyn was suppose to have Surgery on March 29th. On March 26th Kadyn had an MRI of his whole spine. His Neurosurgeon called the day after with some awesome news. This shot of his Chairi didn't look as severe as the shot with just his brain. He said that his Chairi is only 3mm in and does not look to need surgery at all. So he said given Kadyn's history with infection and the fact that his Chairi is not bothering him at all, we will wait. Follow up with him in 3 months, then 3 months after that have another MRI, full brain and spine, then if that is clear we will just do our yearly follow ups plus an MRI. He said Kadyn may never need surgery on it, but if he starts showing any signs to call him immediately.

So here we are now. I am off work for a week, and Kadyn is sleeping peacefully in bed. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and i apologize for not getting this out sooner. Life has just been pretty busy!