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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another seizure

Yesterday seemed like the day for the hospital for Kadyn's lil Hydro Crew. Although thankfully everyone will be ok. Kadyn is going home today and hopefully the others will too. Kadyn's was due to a cold/virus he is getting. He is better now though, moving in bed, trying to sit up. Just another day in the life of Kadyn's epilepsy.

My grandma is currently in the hospital with congestive heart failure. If ya'll could send her some love and prayers, I'd appreciate it. She is expected to be ok though thankfully.

Kadyn has been doing great in school. Here are a few of his projects that he did at school;

Kadyn really loves school!!!

Kadyn had a visitor last week too. Ms. Alexa came over for a few days

Kadyn really enjoys his friends coming over. :D


Maria from Spain said...

Sara, I'll be praying for Kadyn and your Mom. Big kiss :)