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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday starts the school week.

I come home from work at 4am he is sound asleep. At around 730am I have to wake him up and get him ready for school. His daddy will be up and off to work before hand. Since I have Mondays off normally I just stay awake up until he goes to school. Sleep for a bit when I get home, but I will have a special guest over today. Alexa. Remember? I used to babysit her along time ago. I have her now and again when her mom needs someone to watch her. Which I don't mind at all. I am hoping to get back to babysitting her again though soon. I would rather work from home and get paid every week then go work at a place where everything I do is unappreciated. I've never in my life worked my butt off so hard and yet get treated so terribly. The worst part is I know how to do everything in the store. Since I know so much they won't fire me unless I do something severely wrong, like steal a Nugget or whatever, not that I want to be fired, but they would most likely be doing me a favor as I really don't like it there. I love my co workers, don't get me wrong, they are actually the best group of people I've ever met in my life, it's just a few managers who think they should come in and have absolutely nothing to do. But it is all good. I go in do my job, go home :D

Kadyn has been feeling better thankfully. I thought he was getting sick for a little bit there but not anymore. I think he may of had some kind of virus but he is surely over that. He is a bit dehydrated but I think a little pedialyte will take care of that. He loves the orange flavor. I think it's orange colored but fruit flavored.

Here are pictures of our Pets :)
Korona(Pit Bull Husky German Shepard mix)

Kit Kat (Black Short Hair Tabby)

Kougar (Black/Brown Long Hair Tabby)
Killian (Pit Bull American Bull Dog Mix)

All of them are rescues, Korona Killian and KitKat came from a shelter, and Kougar was rescued off the streets

Rip Komet (Shetland Sheep Dog)
And we recently just lost a dog, which I wrote about in my last post. He was not a rescue, but was given to me as a gift to my son, Komet loved Kadyn. I could tell when Kadyn was about to have a huge seizure by the way Komet acted. Losing him really hurt me a lot. I have lost a lot of animals, but mostly due to old age, Komet had just began his life. He was young, not even a year old. He caught Parvo and with in 3 days of him showing any kind of signs, he passed away. Him being young he got into a lot of things and chewed a lot, so him having runny poop never was questionable until I saw blood in it on the third day. He was really sick, but we honestly didn't think he was that sick. Within 10 hours of taking him to the vet he lost his life. I am thankful he is not suffering anymore, but it broke my heart terribly. I still cry sometimes, wishing I could hear him bark one more time, pet his soft fur, play fetch with him in the front yard. I will always have my memories with him. I'll always miss him. He was a good boy. I can tell Korona misses him. She has been sort of down. Killian I don't think go to attached as he has only been around for a little bit.

I am also thankful that Kadyn doesn't understand. I am sure he notices him gone, but he isn't affected from it at all. I am thankful I do not have to explain what happened and see his heart breaking over it. I don't think I could handle anything breaking Kadyn's heart. Thankfully he is a happy child.