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Thursday, November 8, 2012

We have been so busy these past few months. I find it hard to have time to get on here and blog. I have been slacking and I am to blame. How about a quick review?

September Kadyn returned to school. He loves school so much. He started taking the bus also. He loves that. He gets on the bus at around 6am and does not get home until around 340-4pm. It's a long day but since I work midnights it goes by fast because I am sleeping most of that time. I miss him while he is gone but he loves it and I won't take that away for my selfish wants.

Kadyn also has started sitting up again. He will roll all over my living room and will sit up here and there then fall over because he tries to balance with just one hand. He is not strong enough yet so he goes side ways and falls over.

I also adopted a new cat. I know call me crazy but I have a soft spot for blue eyed cats. I am officially at my limit and will not adopt anymore. I can promise ya'll that. With out two dogs (sometimes 3 when a beagle comes over for a couple days) and 3 cats we are a full house. I am glad I was able to rescue all my babies though!

October. Halloween was great. We threw a nice little pirate themed Halloween party. Also Halloween was my birthday I spent it with good friends at a bar. Had a couple drinks and enjoyed turning 26. We did NOT take Kadyn trick or treating this year because it was rainy and cold. A warm healthy Kadyn is more important and thankfully he had no clue what was going on anyways. So I do not have pictures of Kadyn in costume on Halloween. Maybe we will see what next year brings. 

Not much really has happened that I can talk about. Kadyn did have his genetics appointment though. They are looking into a few conditions, in which Kadyn may have. The big one the are thinking he has is called Joubert Syndrome. It's basic a Label for everything that he has. One big label. There is nothing that can be done and thankfully it is not something that we carry. Just something that happened. So we are waiting for Kadyn's MRI results to show if he has the classic molar tooth shaped cerebellum. I won't know for awhile. They sent his MRI to specialists in Washington. So we wait. I am ok with it. The results won't matter. Kadyn will always just be Kadyn. No matter the results it doesn't change anything. I guess we are just searching for a label, a reason, and to see if it says something about his future. Although God already knows Kadyn's future.  How about some pictures?

Kadyn doing his one handed sit up lol silly boy

The new kitty. Lighter colored one is new. He is beautiful. His eyes are blue but the flash  made them red lol.

My nephew Ryan. I picked him up today. Love that smile!

Already got my Christmas Tree up. Killian and Kielo wanted a picture. Korona ran away from my camera lol.

Happy Kadyn!!!

Big ol Mean Pibble smile. :)

Ready for school

Notice the pumpkin socks? It was Halloween today!!