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Monday, November 19, 2012

Seems everything has calmed down for awhile. Although time for blogging is not really there, or maybe it is but I just have nothing to blog about. Kadyn's hydro seems to not exist, although it does, his shunt has been working beautifully. Although I dread the day that he may need a revision. I am just living in the here and now with him. Who knows what could happen in the future and right now I am not worried. It's time to just love the time that is now. Kadyn's seizures have been under control too. It's been over a month since his last one. I am thankful. I like when it is "quiet".

Kadyn is still in school and he is meeting his goals. He stands in his stander for 30-35 minutes and they are also starting him in a walker. Which we will be getting one for home. I am thankful. To see Kadyn walk, would just fill my heart with joy and my eyes with happy tears. I would do anything to give him a bit more normalcy in his life.