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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shunt Revision number?? I don't keep count

Tomorrow Kadyn goes in for yet another shunt revision. The only number I know is that this is shunt revision number 2 this year. Of course being in the hospital right before Christmas is how Kadyn rolls.

Tuesday Kadyn went to school all happy and fine. I guess he fell asleep around 8-9am in school and no matter what the teacher could not get him to wake up, so they called me to come get him. At first I just thought he was extra tired, perhaps a growth spurt. but as he sit in his car seat I saw him get super pale right before my eyes, so I took him straight to the Neurosurgery clinic. They decided to do a shunt tap right away, were they saw that the catheter was working fine but the distill end was draining sluggishly. So we did a shunt  o gram to be sure that his shunt was being sluggish. Which it did confirm it because the dye that they injected into his shunt did not clear after a 1/2 hour. So surgery was scheduled for Thursday at 10am. I'm sad. Kadyn has to miss 4 weeks of school. 2 weeks for his stitches to come out then 2 weeks for his Christmas vacation, Well a little more than two weeks I believe for Christmas Break, or less, either way he is missing  a lot of school.  My sweet sweet boy. I just wish he did not have to go through this but we have no choice. If his shunt is working sluggishly now, it could completely stop working and that can be devastating. I'm hoping to be home and out of the hospital by Friday. As long as Kadyn is no experiencing any pain what so ever.

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Super sleepy Kadyn. Sleep tight Prince for tomorrow is a big day for you. Mommy and Daddy love you


Maria from Spain said...

Hope everything went fine. Keep on praying for Kadyn :)

Turner Family said...

I spent almost an hr trying to get to your very first blog post, I have a little 10 month old, he has hydrocephalus, along with a few other things. he doesn't have a shunt, things have been pretty stable. but moral of the story is, I would LOVE to know a little more about your handsome little guy, I know i can find all the answers on your posts, but its taking too long to get to page one. the few pictures, posts and videos i have seen, tells me that you are an AMAZING mom and he is such a handsome little dude. I would love to chat my email is please message me back

thank you
hope all is well