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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kadyn's teething

Kadyn has not been himself lately. It seems he has been more irritable, feverish and just seems in pain. Well i found out he is getting his molars in! Poor guy, this probably explains the seizures he had a week ago. Pain can cause him to have seizures, the plop on the fact he is teething and it's most likely a bit painful for him, his seizure threshold is way down. I've been keeping him on Motrin to help with pain and any swelling and he is back to his happy self.

He went off to school today happy as can be. He even went in clothes and not footie Pj's. Since Kadyn likes to take his shoes and socks off on the bus we decided (his teachers, therapists and I) that it would be best to send him in footie pj's then they would get him dressed in school, then send him back home in his Pj's. This is just for these cold winter days, but today it's suppose to be in the 50's. So I sent him to school with regular clothing, socks and shoes. Hopefully his teachers won't mind (not that I really care).

Kadyn has been eating more and more solid based foods. Scrambled eggs, Macaroni and Cheese, crackers. He seems to enjoy eating more things that he can chew. He still drinks from a bottle though, we are trying to get him away from that, but not too worried. Yes he is five, but when he is developmentally a 10 month old then I can not force him to get off the bottle. In due time it will happen, but for Kadyn to enjoy a sippy cup or a regular cup, he needs to do it on his time.

Baby number 2 is growing. I am 11 weeks. Feb 6th I go for my 1st trimester scan. We are going to do an ultra sound and see if we see anything at all. We will keep a very close on this baby. Which will involve me seeing my normal doctor and also seeing a specialist. As long as everything looks good I'll be able to deliver this one naturally. How exciting!  We will discuss our birth plan at my next appointment with my regular doctor, which is Feb 13th.  So much going on with this new life growing inside of me.