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Saturday, February 2, 2013

12 weeks

I am 12 weeks pregnant today. No belly pictures because I am not showing at all. I've actually lost a lot of weight from being so sick. But who can resist a picture of my cute lil man, Kadyn? I've not really enjoyed this pregnancy so far. I've been super sick, tired, and weak. I'm hoping in the next two weeks to feel a lot better. I can't drink water, baby obviously does not like it so I've been drinking orange juice like there is no tomorrow. I've not had any cravings, I actually have a hard time eating any kind of food. I've lost 15lbs, although a lot my doctor is not too concerned. He knows I've been super sick, so sick that Zofran hardly helps at all, but it takes the edge off a bit.

Trying to do any house work is almost impossible. I get the energy to do something, I maybe get a room finished if I am lucky and then I'm throwing up. Seems if I over work myself I get sick. Yet when I work at night I am fine. My sleeping pattern is way off. I am awake every 3-4 hours to pee and then I am stuck awake for hours until I fall back asleep. I can't stand it. I used to be able to sleep all night and not have to wake to pee. Even with Kadyn I could sleep most the night wake up pee and go back to sleep. This pregnancy is so so different. It's also been 5 years since I was pregnant with Kadyn. I'm excited to have a newborn come August. It'll be different being a mommy of 2. I never imagined myself being a mommy of 1 before I had Kadyn and now I am going to have 1 more. It's quite exciting. I am hoping on Wednesday I will get a couple pictures of the baby. I am following 2 doctors, one high risk dr and then my regular OB. My OB informed me that there will be a lot of ultrasounds with this pregnancy. My response, my last pregnancy I had a lot of ultrasounds so there is no difference. I'm pretty excited.

Hopefully it starts to smooth out though! :)