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Sunday, April 21, 2013

23 week Update

Everything is going good. The only downfall is I am having health issues. Breathing and heart rate issues. We will figure it out. I am not going to worry because this baby is healthy! This week baby can hear!! He kicks when I sing to him. He maybe telling me to hush up though :) Everything is going great though. Baby is measuring perfectly! I couldn't ask for more. Well maybe for August to get hear quicker. I'd rather hold my baby then be pregnant.

Kadyn is going amazing!! He is eating better for me and we are trying different tastes and textures. He is drinking more liquids than just his formula. He loves anything strawberry flavored, so Strawberry Vitamin Water, Poweraid, Gateraide and Pedilyte have been his choice so far. I am ok with that. Keeping him hydrating better is working with giving him these. I give him his formula 3-4 times a day and in between he gets his "water". Tomorrow I get to go to his school to pick out which gait trainer I want for at home. I am excited to get him walking!! This summer we are for sure going to work on that when it's nice outside. :)