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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shoe Dilemma

Kadyn has little feet for his age. He is in a 5-6 toddler shoe. He can easily take any shoe off his feet also. High tops, low tops, tyes, velcro, zipper, all three in one shoe. Every. Single. Shoe. We have been fighting this battle for years now. Now that he is on a bus it's very important he keeps his shoes on. We have tried strapping his feet on top his chair, and he gets out of that. School has called and complained but when he is on the bus I have no control over him taking his shoes off. The bus staff just leave his shoes off. So now it's a matter of his safety on the bus. So I went exploring for new shoes and bought him sandals. Yea epic fail as I know he will get them off but they were cute and maybe with more freedom these shoes offer him he will like them. Wishful thinking right?