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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally Diapers!!

Kadyn got his first shipment of his diaper supplies today. Yeah I was super excited when Harvey came in with a rather Large box! We have purchased diapers for Kadyn for 6 years now, and since he is not potty trained, and really can not be at the moment we needed to see if his insurance would cover the costs of supplies for us. Thankfully they did! Kadyn was also able to remain on the same brand we have been using! Luvs.  here is what the box held for Kadyn!

Kadyn got a whole box of size 6 diapers and an extra pack on the side. 180 in total

90 Blue bed pads that we are donating

This Ointment for diaper rashes

2 size small and 1 size large boxes

2 packs of wipes
Although he didn't get enough wipes to last a month it is a huge help. They expect the wipes to only be used outside the home. Like school, or if you're in a store or wherever. When in the home the believe you can use a wash cloth, toilet paper or paper towel. We will use the wipes and since with baby Kyle coming in August we will need to purchase wipes for him we will just continue to purchase whatever extra wipes we need for Kadyn. I'm overly thankful for what we have received though. The Blue Bed Pads we do not use, I may keep some for diaper changing outside the home, like at stores/doctors appointments but I am also giving some to my sister, since her daughter is potty training and it helps to keep the bed clean if she has an accident, the rest are going to Kadyn's school in hopes his class room can use them. I emailed his teacher and asked her. If not then I Will donate them to a nursing home around here. The gloves since we don't use them will be donated to Kadyn's school. They use them when they change the children's diapers in the class room and so that will prove helpful for them.

I guess this is just another perk besides Handicapped parking that you can get from a disabled child. ;) Got to think positive people!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it is so wonderful you are donating what you can't use. Good job, Momma!