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Monday, April 29, 2013

Kadyn likes to eat

After years of trying we are finally making a ton of progress in Kadyn's eating skills. He like yogurts and what I call squeezies.

 He eats better for me, not just only at school now. It's simply wonderful!!! It gives me hope that Kadyn will eat more solid foods one day. I will take feeding him yogurts though. He loves it, and really enjoys eating. He gets pudding once in awhile too!!

Kadyn's lunches for school are oh so simple to pack. 1 yogurt, 2 Ketocal juice boxes and sometimes a dessert pudding.

I pack his lunches everyday. He also has gateraide that is already at school for him to drink after lunch. He really enjoys that too. He does no really want as much ketocal lately, he just wants to eat yogurt and have gateraid to drink. He still enjoys his bedtime bottle of ketocal. He prefers it ice cold though, sometimes we have to put ice in it to keep him happy. Yes my boy is spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Kadyn had chocolate pudding yesterday. He loved it!! It was his first time having chocolate flavor. He normally gets vanilla or banana pudding. He loves banana. We also found out he loves peach flavored things and tropical. He love pineapple anything also. Today I went and got some squeezie yogurts that have veggies in them. I hope he likes them. He will have one before bedtime tonight. It's always been fruit flavored yogurts, but if I can get him to eat some veggie flavored I might start mushing his own soft foods up. It would be healthier for him. I could never take the boys yogurt away but making my own "baby" food for him would make me feel better about his eating habits.